A man was shot and killed in the commission of an armed robbery in Elizabeth Estates this past Saturday evening.

Assistant Commissioner of Police with responsibility for Crime Management and Investigations, Kenwood Taylor, was on the scene and updated reporters on the incident. He said, “a female had pulled into her driveway. She was accosted by a lone gunman who requested the keys for her vehicle. She screamed, a family member came out, a struggle ensued between the family member and the suspect which resulted in the suspect being fatally shot. The suspect is known to the Police. He is currently wearing an electronic monitor.”

This is the latest crime to be committed by someone wearing an ankle monitor. On this issue Assistant Commissioner Taylor said, “right now we have saturation patrols going on, right now. We have static checks. All of my commanders are out and about insuring that visibility is there. And so we are doing and making every effort to ensure that patrols are conducted, particularly in these neighbourhoods where people are on the way home.”