The issue of flooding endured by residents of Pinewoods Gardens and the surrounding areas is will known. Member of Parliament for Pinewood, the Hon. Myles Laroda is speaking to the efforts being made to combat the decades old problem. He said, “I spoke to the civil engineer at Ministry of Works yesterday and he told me that we are going to have at least twelve drains and wells that well be drilled in Pinewood over the next week to ten days. We also have the test well that is going to be in Jones Heights that’s gonna be about 600 feet deep that’s a test well for the Sappadilla well that is about 150 feet deep.”

A new drainage system is in the works for the areas. Mr. Laroda said, “the drainage system that will be put in will take about six months, they said four but I’ll give it about six months. So hopefully, if all goes well, this time next year, hurricane season, we will have a system in place. The areas right now, you look at Sappadilla, Jacaranda, Cassarilla, Rosewood, Sugar Apple, that’s where the pilot program is gonna start because that area will require us to dig up the main Isaiah Park and that will serve as a reservoir for the water running in there.”

Laroda is hopeful that if the pilot initiative is successful that he will be duplicated in other areas of his constituency to alleviate flooding.