A memorandum of understanding was signed between the University of The Bahamas and the University of Hawaii. The signing forges a new partnership between the two institutions in climate change mitigation and disaster risk management.

Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis was on hand at the signing event where he delivered remarks. He said, “the partnership between the University of The Bahamas and the University of Hawaii will allow us to undertake joint scientific research between our institutions to promote sustainable solutions to help our island states better adapt to the impending crisis we both face. Climate change is a slow onset mega disaster that threatens the entire world and it requires a scientific foundation of knowledge to ensure that policy and actions are rooted in evidence.”

President of the University of The Bahamas, Eric Rolland, expects an expanded curriculum at the college because of the signing. He said, “the University of Hawaii already is quite far ahead both under research and programmatic side with that. They have, among other things, certificate programs at the graduate level in disaster management and this is something that is very much of interest to us in The Bahamas to build up those kinds of skillsets within our programs and within our research centers.”