“Proudly wear your country’s colours,” urges Minister Moxey

Minister for Grand Bahama, the Hon. Ginger Moxey, said on Sunday, July 3, that Bahamians should take pride in being Bahamian and proudly display their colours at every opportunity. Minister Moxey gave brief remarks during the 49 th Independence Ecumenical Service at the Community at Heart Tabernacle Church of God on Coral Road. The theme for the Independence celebrations is “Proud to Be Bahamian”. (BIS Photo/Andrew Miller)

As the road to the 50th anniversary celebrations continues, Min. for Grand Bahama,Hon. Ginger Moxey said during the 49th Independence Ecumenical Service on Sunday that the country has been through some trying times, but God was always by our side.

The Independence celebrations are being held under the theme, “Proud To Be Bahamian” and the service was held at the Community at Heart Tabernacle Church of God of Prophecy on Coral Road.

While reflecting on the country’s road to Independence, she said, “Our nation has endured many trials, but God has always brought us through.

“When I reflect on the circumstances that the people of Grand Bahama and residents throughout The Bahamas have endured over the past two years, I marvel at the fact that God is always with us, guiding and protecting us.

“And even though we have faced tough times, He has never forsaken us.” Minister Moxey said that this year’s celebrations are special because it is the first time people will unite in person as a community.

“History documents that the road to achieving Independence was not an easy one for our forefathers to travel. But those visionary men and women were fortuitous and inspired by faith to redirect our nation’s path, and when the clock struck at midnight on July 10th , 1973, a new flag was hoisted, and a new chapter was written in the history book of The Bahamas.

“Our forefathers believed in God. They knew that with God on their side, this Family of Islands, Rocks and Cays, would be reborn as stated in our Constitution as – “a Free and Democratic Sovereign Nation” established on “Spiritual values, and in which no Man, Woman or Child shall ever be Slave or Bondsman to anyone or their Labour exploited or their Lives frustrated by deprivation.”

The Minister added that she feels the people of this nation are the “apple of God’s eye” and encouraged every Bahamian and resident to proudly wear their colours not only during the Independence celebrations, but at every opportunity.

In closing, Minister Moxey invited everyone to participate in the Independence Cultural Extravaganza being held at Independence Park on Saturday, July 9 starting at 6:30pm. She said, “So, fly your flags and wear your Bahamian colors and be proud to be Bahamian!”