The Deputy Director General of Tourism and Acting Director of Aviation Dr. Kenneth Romer addressed the Eleuthera Business Outlook event held last Thursday in Rock Sound, Eleuthera.

Dr. Romer told attendees, “overall arrivals, two months in, Eleuthera as a whole is seeing some 38% increase in your overall air arrivals, 38% two months into 2023. Eleven, three, one, eight (11,318) 2019, almost 16,000 at the end of February of this year. You had a strong March, you’re having a strong April, Eleuthera is going to be the market leader outside of Nassau when it comes to the volume of overall air arrivals.”

The Tourism Director when further stating, “we working with our product partners but I’ll tell you what the airlines are saying, they’re asking about your available inventory. They’re asking where are we going to put the heads, what beds are the heads gonna go in. You’re crying for additional airlift, they’re looking about product deficiencies. Is your product at a standard to attract new development. The reality is, ladies and gentlemen, that tourism is a business, airlines are also big businesses, cruise lines are businesses also and these decisions must be business decisions. If I am going to deploy my asset as an airline to an island there are things I want to know. I want to know is your product at a level that is gonna cause now there to be an increase in demand.”