The Ministry of Health and Wellness and the Pan American Health Organization launched Vaccination Week in service at the Church of God of Prophesy East Street Tabernacle.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pearl McMillan was at the service and spoke to ZNS News. She said, “this is the 21st annual Vaccination Week in the Americas and we have a whole list of activities that we will be doing. The whole goal of Vaccination Week in the Americas is to bring awareness to the importance of vaccinations and how vaccinations assist with protecting, not just our children, but adults as well. We’re happy to be here at the Church of God of Prophecy to be able to kick off our Vaccination Week in the Americas with a church service.”

One of the activities planned is a vaccination screening at the upcoming Red Cross Fair. Immunization Manager Nurse Gina Rose also attended the church service and spoke about current immunization trend among children. She said, “we have noticed a decline in the number of children who would have been brought to clinic for their immunizations and we’re encouraging persons to bring their children to be caught up because there are certain diseases that still exist among our neighbouring communities. And so we like to travel and there are people who love to come to The Bahamas and some of them come unvaccinated and they can bring certain diseases with them like measles, like polio. And so we’re encouraging our parents to get our children up to date to protect them so that they cannot or would not be exposed to certain diseases and to give them a fighting chance and to prevent them from being ill and even dying from certain infections.”