Rotary Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Committee has assisted Joyce Russell with housing after Hurricane Dorian destroyed her home.

Russel expressed her gratitude for the new home located in McLean’s Town. “I have a home in Freeport. I was living there with my husband and my kids to send the kids to school and after the storm we all were there. I wasn’t there present the storm came and he was out there but I was out here trying to pull things together. When I get back we was a part like two three days before we coulda get to each others but we finally reach each others and we had a good talk, a very good one and a long talk too. Little did I know that my husband was on his way dying. I wasn’t able to take that. I thank God that he kept me to see this. I try to be so brave but I really couldn’t. Every time it comes out when I go back in the room there the tears and whatever but I try my best. I thank every one and thank the Rotary especially for jumping in.”

Rotary has been assisting Grand Bahama residents with disaster relief for the past three years. Area Governor, Clifford Bowe spoke about their efforts. “We have been on the ground working there’s so much more work to be done and we plan to continue so it feels good that she is now comfortable with the completion of her home.”