The Minister of National Security held a press conference on Thursday where he revealed the photo, name and description of a convicted sex offender set to be released from prison.

The Hon. Wayne Munroe told members of the media, “the public can be aware to take care around Mr. Sidney Cooper who is 47 years old and stands at 5′ 4″.”

Munroe also explained some of the actions perpetrated by Mr. Cooper that prompted the public warning about his release.  He said, “during the course of his trial for indecent assault in 2019, groped and indecently assaulted the female prosecutor in the court who was prosecuting him for that offence in the presence of the Magistrate.  Since he has been committed to the Bahamas Department of Corrections he has groped and indecently assaulted female correctional officers and a reporter.”

The National Security Minister also revealed that in his exit interview Cooper reported that he knows his actions are wrong but in his view women invite his touch when they wear short clothes or wear tight clothes or smile or lick their lips or bend over or move their hips or their blink eyes.

Cooper is set to be released Friday August 18th.