The Prime Minister delivered the keynote address at the opening ceremony for a convention of Toastmasters being held in the capital at the Bahamar Resort.

The Hon. Philip Davis, who is also a Toastmaster, told the delegates gathered, “there are three simple words at the heart of this organization listen, think, speak. This is the mantra I practiced time and time again throughout my time in Toastmasters and one to which I regularly return about as often as the average Bahamian flies to Miami.  It is a refrain which has served me well across my legal and political careers.  A guide which set me on the path to becoming a better orator, a better representative and a better leader.”

During his remarks Davis also encouraged more Bahamians to join the organization.  “I’ve gained so much from taking part in Toastmasters, lifelong friends,  skills to dazzle a crowd and more charisma than a Bahamian sunset.  Toastmasters certainly has a strong legacy in our nation and it is an organization that I hope, in the future, more and more young Bahamians and especially our young men will join.  Because Toastmasters has so much to offer, I’m not just talking about conventions in the Caribbean, unequivocally, Toastmasters is a paradise of possibilities,” he said.

The convention ends on August 19th.