The principal of T. A. Thompson Junior High School where Trevornika Thompson was a student is speaking about the young girl who was murdered along with her mother, Allison Thompson.

Ishmael Smith Jr. told ZNS News about the reaction of students when hearing the news of Trevornika’s passing, “one of the sad things with our society today is that our students, our young people are deprived of a lot of the innocence that we may have come up with. They hear of death a lot, everybody knows somebody. And so the response is not as a emotive as some would expect them to be. During that shock period its almost as though sometimes they’re numb to it and its takes a few minutes or it takes a day or two for it to sink in especially when you don’t see the person the next day, when you don’t hear from the person. And so I think our students, by and large, were processing it there were a pocket that were deeply impacted emotionally, by and large it was like ‘yall hear what happened.'”

On Trevornika, Smith said, “no matter what was going on in her life or whatever she smiled. No matter what was happening, no matter what negative thing that someone may say cause you know children, they’re children they may have their lil spats she still smiled. And in the face of adversity she was always upstanding. As a matter of fact, we had a teacher who described her as her sweet, annoying student. She was always coming to see you, always saying good day, hello, good afternoon always had something pleasant to say to you. So she will be missed.”

The partially decomposed bodies of Trevornika and her mother were found by police last Friday. Blake Strachan, 23, has been arraigned for their murders.