STATEMENT from Bahamas Ambassador to UAE/Commissioner General


Source: Bahamas Strong – Expo 2020 Dubai UAE

The curtain is rising on the greatest show on earth after six years of hard work that foretells the harmony, collaboration, persistence, and resilience of the entire world, represented by the 191 participating countries inthis spectacular global showcase being held for the first time in the Middle East.

The Bahamas has been consistently working on the creation of its pavillion with a team of professionals drawn from the public/private sector and the University of the Bahamas to focus on the exposure of our youth to new cultures and experience as we pass the baton to the future generations.

During the past six years, The Bahamas has been hit with two catastrophic events, a major hurricane which devastated two of our major islands that produce 33% of our GDP and the Government is still working to bring them back to their former glory. Secondly, the COVID pandemic,set back our nation‘s main economy and exposed vulnerabilities in our health care system.

We have also witnessed the elections of three successive governments with different strategies as to how to promote, protect, and save the country for future generations from the impact of climate change that has affected and devastated several countries world wide.

The Bahamas Pavillion exists to promote and focus on the resilience of an island nation that consists of an archipelago that spans over a 1000 sq. miles, located 90 miles off the coast of South Florida. The Bahamas Pavillion consists of a 7500 sq. ft. two storey, rectangular shape building with a beautiful façade, featuring images of the local folklore dancers called Junkanoo.

Our first floor exhibits promote business investments in green, blue and orange economies focusing on tourism, financial services, real estate, and our natural resources. This Embassy for Business is where we will conduct our B2B meetings and where Bahamian stakeholders can discuss the range of shovel-ready investment opportunities in The Islands Of The Bahamas.

In the ground floor space, we feature locally made items to be sold as souvenirs, and we tell the story of a resilient country of 700 islands, its warm and hospitable people and great cuisine. It promotes the distinct characteristics of each island through their music, the people, the stories curated by our team of professionals from the Antiquities Monuments & Museum Corporation.

In closing, we wish to express the heart felt gratitude of our People and the Government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas for the passion, loyalty, and hand of friendship offered by the esteemed Government of the UAE, together with the Expo organizers who graciously stood with us as we weathered these crises.

H.E. Tony S. Joudi
Ambassador to the UAE and the State of Qatar
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Goodman’s Bay Corporate Centre
Nassau, Bahamas