Emergency Powers amendment on construction


Source: Bahamas Information Services

Senator the Hon. Michael Halkitis Minister of Economic Affairs on the Emergency Powers (Covid-19 Pandemic) (Management and Recovery) (NO.2)(Amendment) NO.16) Order, 2021.

In keeping with his government’s promise to revoke those parts of the Emergency Orders that are not undergirded by science and economic data, Prime Minister Hon. Philip Davis, today, repealed additional sections of the Emergency Orders.

This repeal now permits the construction industry and retail businesses to operate on Sunday. The Prime Minister said, “We are seeking to eliminate inconsistencies found in the Orders that do not make economic sense while aiming to stimulate positive economic movement, as these portions of the Orders are no longer grounded in science”.

The repealed orders prevented the construction industry as well as retail businesses such as water depots, beauty salons and cinemas from operating on Sundays. Such businesses will no longer face these restrictions but will have to comply with the current public health measures.

Prime Minister Davis added that, “Cruise passengers must be vaccinated in order to enter the country and this greatly reduces the risk of the spread of Covid-19 among businesses catering to such visitors”.

The relaxation of the Orders is designed to meet the real needs of all stakeholders in the local