The owner of the Super Value and Quality Supermarkets chain of food stores says his company is moving to utilizing solar energy full time.  All stores should be outfitted with solar panels within a month.

Rupert Roberts said, “our power bill is still up 71.5% above last year even with seven or eight stores have solar.  So within the month we will have all stores on solar.  We’re trying to beat the 160% increase but it  looks like we’re only going to get about a 20% on kilowatts on solar.”

In April, Super Value Chief Financial Officer Debra Symonette spoke of the move to solar power by the company saying it was in an effort to lower electricity costs.  Symonette said, “We did a solar installation project on our warehouse two years ago which is saving us around $400,000 per year. So we figured it would be wise to do the same for our stores.”