Taxi Code Of Conduct


A new code of conduct for taxi drivers is set to come into effect in September along with a 10% rise in fares.

President of the Bahamas Taxi Cab Union Wesley Ferguson spoke on the issue. “Any organization that you have when there are infractions and you don’t have any recourse, there’s no disciplinary measures levied against you for overcharging, for speeding, for just day to day operations there has to be checks and balances. And the new code of conduct seeks to mitigate the amount of improprieties. Taxi drivers for the most part are good people but we have a lot of complaints about taxi drivers and this cannot go unpunished. We just can’t ignore it and hope that it will go away. It’s not going to go away its just gonna get worse. So in an effort to curb the amount of complaints and improprieties in the taxi industry we wholeheartedly agree with the new code of conduct,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson further stated, “when I became a taxi driver there was a regular Friday afternoon tribunal at Road Traffic where the Controller actually took you badge if you were found to be wanting or guilty of any infractions the could have suspend your badge for a week, sometimes fourteen days, sometimes a month. They punishment is supposed to fit the crime. So we are now in the society where anything goes.”

Minister of Transport and Housing, the Hon. Jobeth Coleby-Davis announced the new regime last month.