New National Aviation Policy


An eight point national aviation policy has been devised to better coordinate the sector. Deputy Director General of Tourism Dr. Kenneth Romer spoke at the 2023 Aviation Symposium recently on the subject. He said, “we’re going to focus on strategic partnerships. So this is a demonstration of what strategic partnerships look like. We’re going to focus on infrastructural improvement, continued safety, sustainability, expansive air connectivity and of course we are committing ourselves to exemplary customer satisfaction. We’re driven by several core values together as an industry focusing on safety, sustainability, excellence in terms of service, fiscal responsibility, being environmentally conscious and people centric.”

Minister of Tourism, Investments and Aviation, the Hon. Chester Cooper was also in attendance at the symposium. He told attendees, “you’ve set the national example of what teamwork and synergy should look like amongst agencies who share common outcomes. This strategic plan is aligned with the overall mandate of the government for aviation and for airlift. It is intended to be our own blueprint that will plot and outline the direction that aviation and our community will take once the next three years is passed we will look back at this plan to measure our progress and our successes.”