The Ministry of Tourism, Investments and Aviation intends to address the issue of vagrants in the downtown Nassau area.

Ministry Consultant, Sen. Hon. Randy Rolle spoke to ZNS News on the impact of the ongoing issue saying, “we have a special case, I guess vulnerable individuals who would frequent downtown in the day shopping hours as well as the evenings. Certainly I think its due to a mental health issue in our country that really impacts a lot of what happens in this area.”

On how the ministry intends to address the issue Senator Rolle said, “the police have been working closely with tourism officials to see how best we can work to curb a lot of the little incidents that happen. Certainly guests come here and they want to feel safe and they want to be in a good environment. And so working together with, like I said, the police as well as Social Services we want to create that environment. And so we’re taking an aggressive approach in the industry to make sure that we do whatever we have to to make sure that we keep Bay Street safe and clean. Just speaking to one of my colleagues this morning and for example St. Agnes Church which is over the hill. There are many buildings around there that are vacant so maybe the government even look at hey how do we rent a building, how do we create an area, an environment where these individuals who sometimes may just be looking for something to eat.”

Rolle says the smell due to people using the bathroom on Bay Street will also be addressed.