The country’s largest food store chain is installing solar panels on all of its stores.

Super Value Chief Financial Officer Debra Symonette says the move comes in an effort to lower electricity costs. She told ZNS News, “we expecting a significant hike in the electricity rates in the near future hence we are constantly looking for ways that we can mitigate the impact of this increase on our bottom line. We did a solar installation project on our warehouse two years ago which is saving us around $400,000 per year. So we figured it would be wise to do the same for our stores. The project will cost a few million dollars and we anticipate a substantial savings from it. Hopefully the decrease in consumption will offset the increase in the bills and the money spent will be recovered in a few short years.”

Symonette also outlined other cost saving methods being utilized at Super Value including LED bulbs, changing old appliances for energy efficient models, insulating their buildings and staff training on energy saving.