Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis recently ordered Bahamians to leave Haiti as unrest continues in that country. Bahamian diplomats were evacuated and have arrived in the capital.

The diplomats spoke to members of the media explaining what is happening on the ground in Haiti. Bahamian Charge D’Affaires, Capt. Godfrey Rolle recounted, “it was myself, Ms. Smith and Mr. Forbes and one of our drivers. We used to the police, if they’re block is in the road, we’re used to the police seeing a diplomatic plate on a car would beckon to us and make a way for us to go pass whatever block there is. And so that is what we expected when the police actually beckoned to us. But when we got there it was a different ball game. They said they wanted us out of the car, it was obvious that we were diplomat because the plate was on the jeep. We said we were diplomats but we were not in any kind of state to have any sensible conversation. I think we’re all aware of the situation in Haiti. There are times when it will be volatile and there are times when it would be calm.”

Despite the diplomats having left Haiti, according to Capt. Rolle the embassy is still in operation and the lines of communication remain open.