Update On Omar Davis Jr.’s Murder


The partially decomposed body identified as that of Omar Davis Jr. was found August 16th in the trunk of a car in the area behind the Centreville Food Store. The police have since taken four men into custody concerning the matter, ranging in age from 20 to 56 years.

Family members of Davis describe him as a scholar and someone that always want more for himself. ZNS news spoke to Michelle Farrington, aunt of the deceased who said, “from a baby, he was always intelligent and smart and because he was one of the youngest of the crew, in the nephews, he wanted to exceed and be above the rest, and he strived for that, and he bragged about his 4.0 every semester. He was going back to school, to college to further his education and get his master’s degree. So he and another nephew, who one is already completed his master’s, so he definitely was trying to catch him up now. Cause he said that he was equal with the rest now he wanted to be above. Its an unfortunate situation that his life was taken so short.”

Police Commissioner, Clayton Fernander, has said that a man should be arraigned in connection with Davis’ death on Monday.