Daquan Swain and Robert Grant Sr. both aspire to become the next Member of Parliament for the West Grand Bahama and Bimini constituency.  Swain intends to run as an independent candidate and Grant Sr. as the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) standard bearer.

While speaking with ZNS News in Grand Bahama, Grant Sr. said, ” I will level the playing field.  I want to get economic incentives equal to Freeport and then I want to encourage the government to give grants to those businesses who businesses were destroyed so that they can reopen.  Small business is the background of the economy.  And with the Ginn Project, the 1500 acres that surround our community, I don’t want to see just one major developer come in,  I want to see several major developers so if one shut down the whole end of the island don’t shut down.”

Grant Sr., who is a stalwart of the PLP, also said, “I live with the issues.  I live with the people. I feel what they feel.  I feel everything that they feel.  And I love the people and they love me and that’s why I know the generals are gonna to back me.  I know that’s why the people in the homes are gonna back me, my propane business, I can find every home in Grand Bahama blindfolded.”

For his part, Swain, who also ran in the general election of 2021 said, “when you have parties and you’re voted in, your subscribed under their party manifesto so you can’t speak independently on what is going on in your community.  If it doesn’t align with what the party wants to do that is what has to happen.  Why me?  Its because I’m an independent candidate.  When I go to the House Of Assembly its no limit on what I can see or what I can advocate for.  It’s no limit on any of that.”

The independent hopeful further stated, “we cannot, any longer, fit that stereotype because you have to respect West End residents and Bimini residents more than that.  These people tired of getting temporary fixes.  They want to learn how to fish.  So I urge all the residents in West Grand Bahama and Bimini to don’t look at the party but look at the individual who will be committed to doing the work in that area to make the area grow.”

No date has been announced as yet for the holding of the by-election to fill the seat left vacant by the passing of the late Hon. Obie Wilchcombe.