Western Air Vice President of Operations and General Counsel, Sherrexcia Rolle is speaking out about a social media post threatening the airline and its passengers.

Rolle told ZNS News, “those that are in the inner workings of our company know and recognize that safety is the most important thing for us. Just based on the details that were provided in the post most jet pilots are able to confirm the inaccuracy of the things that were stated in the post. And we believe it to be the same individuals that have also been doing false reporting in the past couple of weeks. The bold inaccuracy of the story makes it obvious to members of our team and informed outsiders that we are being harassed.”

Rolle also addressed claims that Western Air pilots are banned from making key decisions during emergency landings. She said, “the Captains are pilots in command, meaning they have full autonomy of every decision making on a flight. No one has the right to tell them, unless of course it is a government agency working in the best interest of public safety to tell a pilot how he should operate his flight.”

The threatening social media post has been deleted.