The Homeowners Assistance and Relief Programme (HARP) is set to enter its second phase according to Disaster Reconstruction Authority (DRA) Chairman Alex Storr.

Storr said, “the government initially pumped $1 million into the HARP Programme. We have not expended all those funds as yet as they are released in tranches. And so we hope to get the next tranche as soon as possible so that we can go on to the next phase.”

The DRA Chairman explained, “in this phase, I think on Abaco there was some ten homes that…various stages of repairs.” When asked about the number of homes expected to be included in phase two of the programme Storr said, “we’re reviewing the files right now. We’re trying, using $250,000 to repair as many homes as possible so they’re various sizes so I couldn’t give you a figure on how many homes right now but that would be the dollar amount for that phase.”

The HARP programme replaced the Small Home Repair Programme and seeks to provide assistance to people whose homes were damaged during the passage of Hurricane Dorian in September 2019.