Works and Utilities Minister the Hon. Alfred Sears

The Water and Sewerage Corporation and the Water and Sewerage Management Union (WSMU) signed a new three year industrial agreement worth approximately $2 million on Tuesday.

At the signing ceremony for the new agreement, Union President Montgomery Miller commented “there’ve been some challenges over the past at the Corporation where we’ve seen, less than beneficial movement of management employees not adequate time, not adequate justification. I will leave it to you to determine and to draw conclusions as to why those things would happen. But I give the corporation and the stakeholders at the corporation great credit for taking steps to minimize and to reduce the prospect because at the end of the day the Bahamian people are trusting that the technical professionals at the corporation will over time become expert in their subject areas and we don’t want to just move them around at whim and fancy. We want those, unless they have real performance challenges, they should continue carrying out their functions.”

Minister of Works and Utilities, the Hon. Alfred Sears was also at the signing. Sears said, “most staff from the executives to the middle managers to the non managers will now have updated modernized job descriptions, an objective performance based scorecards will regular engagement, coaching, training and annual performance assessments.”

The Minister also noted the significance of the the signing saying that it is the first time in over a decade that both unions at the Water and Sewerage Corporation have industrial agreements.