The Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas is celebrating forty five years of television broadcasting. In commemoration of the anniversary we are highlights some of the little known but important people who make it all happen. Today, its audio engineer Chadbourne Rolle.

Rolle says his career at the Corporation almost never happened stating, “I just got a offer just to try it, say just apply and see what happens. I wasn’t really looking to get the job but…”

Mr. Rolle has been on the job for five years and is excited about the new upgrades being made to Corporation equipment. He said, “and this is a lot better than the last one we had because of the digital aspects of it and everything and the processing that it has. Basically we’re just more efficient and audio quality will probably be better but more about efficiency and being able to do more with a little bit less.”

Rolle says while it is hard to get things done at times, you have to be persistent at getting what you want and that it will all work out eventually.