The Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander held a press conference at Police Headquarters on Monday to release the crime statistics for the first quarter of 2023.

Fernander told the members of the media assembled, “there were ten suspects committed murder on bail, twenty four suspects has prior police contact, eleven victims killed while on bail, eight victims killed that were being electronically monitored and twenty three victims had prior police contact. And all of the matter were the use of firearms.”

The Commissioner also revealed that, “as early as the third week or so in May there’s two magistrate will be identified just to deal with firearms matters. And that will be solely and we indicated it will be a two weeks turnaround time. If you are found in possession of a firearm today we’ll be ready for court and the trial will commence within two weeks, in two weeks time. So standby for that and those same individuals who are found in possession of those weapons they are the same individuals, same revolving door who are involved in the murders we are charged with. So I think that will be a good deterrent.”

The released statistics show a 28% overall decrease in serious crimes with 41 murders, 128 armed robberies and 22 reported cases of rape thus far for 2023.