Red Cross Fair Preview


President of the Red Cross Society gave a preview of the upcoming Red Cross Fair while carrying out preparations at the site of this year’s fair.

Terez Curry said, “I am so excited about the fair that will happen on April 29th and 30th right here at the Arawak Cay site. And we have quite a few new vendors who are offering a variety of food, drinks, games, it’s happening right here on Arawak Cay site. We have a whole lot of entertainment that will be throughout the day , marching bands, puppet shows, and then in the evening the concert series. You don’t want to miss the concert series with all of our local Bahamian musicians. Its going to be just a blast and you do not want to miss this fair, this year, here at Arawak Cay.”

Curry also explained that ticketing issues experienced at previous fairs have been addressed. “The issues have been rectified with the digital cash. So we have Suncash and Sanddollar as our sponsors but we will also have fair money here on the site. And so we’ve worked out, we’ve meet many times, we’ve done a walk through just to make sure that when you come to the gate there’s no hiccups for you. You can even buy your ticket before you get here so you can avoid the lines.”

The fair has been on a two year hiatus due to COVID-19. It returns this weekend April 29th and 30th at Arawak Cay.