A viral social media post alleging that $30,000 is missing from the accounts of the Freeport Council is being refuted by Administrator, Joseph Ferguson.

Mr. Ferguson told ZNS News, “I have not seen or heard of any conclusions that the auditors would have issued. Lately a lot of lies and propaganda has been spewed out of some very sick individuals or individual. Bahamians we have to be more mature and more intelligent than posting lies and untruths on Facebook and other websites.”

Ferguson admonished Bahamians to be mindful of spreading false information, as it is against the law. He said, “I want to remind those who are engaged in these immoral acts of ignorance, ignorance is no excuse to the law. You can be brought before the courts for criminal libel and breach of the Listening Device Act.”

The post has been reported to the Police and they are said to be actively investigating. Mr. Ferguson also promises that persons will be brought before the courts and expressed that no one is above the law.