Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Free National Movement [FNM], the Hon. Michael Pintard, flanked by FNM Deputy Leader, the Hon. Shanendon Cartwright and Party Chairman, Dr. Duane Sands, held a press conference to respond to the contents of the Prime Minister’s national address.

Mr. Pintard told reporters, “what is a bit concerning is the government have not had a discussion, particularly with micro and small business enterprises and what the potential impact will be on their business, which is why I made mention that its important for them to look at a package that’s going to help the micro and small business enterprises maintain their staffing levels and not use an increase of $50 as a basis for either reducing the amount of hours they give their workers or to reduce their staff complement, we don’t want that consequence. But it is important that Bahamians have livable wage.

Concerning the nation’s crime levels and the government’s efforts, Mr. Pintard said, “we, like members of the public, believe that we are in crisis. It is unacceptable that we could, for such a small country, have one hundred and seven, the last count, murders and there isn’t outrage by this government. We do not see a sense of urgency and we accept that they have not, and we have not, created this situation but the role of leadership is to co-ordinate all stakeholders to address a crisis. And the Prime Minister and his team have been short on providing us with a plan. There has not been a single national conclave on this issue.”