Several students of the Huntley Christie High School on the island of Andros have contracted an upper respiratory illness.  The Ministry of Health and Wellness are currently investigating the matter.

Minister of Health and Wellness, the Hon. Dr. Michael Darville spoke with ZNS News on Monday about the outbreak.  He said, “Last week we did see students who appeared to have symptoms and signs of upper respiratory tract infections and also symptoms and signs that is similar to Dengue Fever.  The blood samples were taken off and is now forwarded to New Providence but today we also saw about two or three individuals at the clinic with similar symptoms.  And so we know that there is an upper respiratory tract infection and strep throat that is going around the country but the signs are very similar to Dengue so samples were taken off to rule out Dengue.”

According to the minister no cases of Dengue Fever have been confirmed in the country outside of New Providence and Grand Bahama.  He also said that there is no definitive diagnosis concerning the Andros students and that they are currently under observation by ministry clinicians.