Appearance of Oil Slick in Grand Bahama

Albania, Fier oil field

The Ministry of Transport & Housing has launched an investigation into the appearance of an oil slick in waters at the Buck Eye Terminal in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

The Port Department was notified of the oil slick around 7:00am today.

Upon receiving the notification, the Ministry of Transport & Housing immediately executed its contingency plan including the activation of The National Oil Spill Advisory Committee.

Senior officials from the Ministry of Transport & Housing and the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources from New Providence are expected to arrive in Grand Bahama tomorrow morning to assess the impact and to investigate the source of the oil slick. The departure of the team for Grand Bahama is contingent on the dissipation of a weather system near the island.

Meantime, a team from the Port Department in Grand Bahama is currently monitoring the response efforts.

Further updates will be provided to members of the public as the investigation progresses.