In the wake of the sexual assault of a nine year old girl and several other similar incidents, the Bahamas Christian Council is speaking out against sexual assault.

Council President Apostle Delton Fernander said, “we have an understanding of just how enraged we would be and I would be if my fourteen year old, this is a nine year old, but if my fourteen year old was raped or assaulted in this fashion.”

He went further stating, “we stand as an organization that represent the churches. Our doors are open to go out to those families to provide the kind of counsel and nurture that is necessary from the word of God for the wholeness to be restored for the wholeness to be restored to the family.  Even the perpetrator that we will ask the law to carry out the full extent of the law but also we’ll share the gospel to try help change his ways and what he has been perpetrating on our society.”

Fernander also spoke to the intentions of the council to help bring solutions to these issues in collaboration with other entities like Urban Renewal.  He said, “we’re gonna go out more in our society and do events that give parents the freedom to know that your child is with a girl’s brigade, is with a boy’s brigade, is with an RA, is with one of our youth programs doing something wholesome.”

The Apostle says the church is by far the first responders  “most times when something like this happens in society, there’ll be a police officer, be nurse, be a doctor, but there will be a pastor.  There’ll be a trusted voice from the church that will be there for the entire journey.  So when others would have left and gone home we’ll be there calling on the family, we’ll be there praying with the family, we’ll be there checking on the family and most people know this is what the church does well.”