BPL Eleuthera Service Restored


The Member of Parliament for South and Central Eleuthera, the Hon. Clay Sweeting is commenting on electricity provision on that island. Outages were experienced on the Eleuthera after a failure at the Hatchet Bay power station which was compound with the loss of a generation unit in Rock Sound.

Sweeting spoke with reporters outside of Cabinet on Tuesday saying, “currently their on a schedule as they look to assess the issues there. I should be meeting with BPL today to get further clarification on what’s going on whether its generation, when the repairs will happen. So we’re working along with them. I also spoke with the Minister of Works and the PS at the Ministry of Works who is assessing the situation so as soon as I can get some further information, hopefully today, on the status. I understand not just businesses but you have old persons, you have infants, so it affects everyone when power generation is an issue.”