LJM Maritime Academy Summer Workshop


Officials of the Disney Cruise Lines spoke with participants in the LJM Maritime Summer Program on the opportunities available in the maritime industry.

Former cadet Anthonique Lightbourne spoke about her experience. She said, “my bread and butter was the bridge. If you’re trying to wonder what is the bridge, that’s basically the navigational console area where we navigate the ship. So my main job is basically to keep a navigational watch, a safe one in fact because of course there’s about 4,000 passengers on board this ship as well as 1,000 crew members. And its very important we can’t afford to make any mistakes. So I think that’s my most tedious part is making sure you maintain a safe watch on board these ships.”

Disney’s Director of Regional Public Affairs, Joey Gaskins spoke about the company’s commitment to providing scholarships. He said, “we’ve continued that tradition with four more scholarships this year. And that is fully paid tuition, they get to come on board and work on our ships, we provide them with a stipend. That is for the students who are at the LJM Maritime Academy. This summer camp is an important way for us to reach young people who are not yet at that stage to come to school here at LJM but might have an interest in the maritime industry. The government has been talking about how the maritime industry is growing how there’s so much opportunity there for Bahamians and specifically at Disney Cruise Lines we have three new ships on the way, one new one last year. So we see the opportunity for Bahamians to join our team.”

The maritime camp ends July 28th.