BTC first to introduce AI driven Customer Care Platform


Keeping its commitment to continuously deliver the best experience for its customers, BTC has introduced a new artificial intelligence driven WhatsApp virtual assistant aimed at providing customer support.

The new solution is a ‘BTC Chatbot’ that provides a number of services right in the palm of the customer’s hands. Customers would simply add BTC’s contact center telephone number 225-5282 as a contact and begin a conversation with either ‘hi’ or ‘hello’. The BTC Chabot also responds to a number of colloquialisms including,’ what’s up’, ‘sup’, ‘hey’ and ‘how it go’. The customer is then presented with a number of options including Top Up, Get a Combo, Get a Plan, See my Balance, Download App, Visit Portal or Support.

BTC CEO, André Foster commented on this achievement saying, “We are focused on simplifying the process of doing business with BTC. The introduction of our WhatsApp Bot plays an integral role in our overall customer experience strategy as we are enabling more customers to interact with us on a variety of zero touch platforms. This is a new level of convenience and support for our customers, using the WhatsApp intergenerational platform that they are all familiar with. We are continuing to transform as a business to meet the needs of our customers, and this is by no means the end, stay tuned, we have more projects in the pipeline that we will share very soon.”

“In addition to purchasing plans, customers can also request customer support. This provides us with real time information on what our customers need and it also helps to identify and resolve chronic pain points. We are in a very competitive environment and it’s important that we remain agile, nimble and always have our customers at the heart of everything that we are doing,” Foster continued.

The BTC Chatbot features are explained below:

Top Up

Customers can top up their accounts using their existing balance, a debit/credit card or Pay Pal. They will also have the option to store their chosen payment method for future transactions. The BTC Chatbot will also provide a link to a receipt once the transaction is completed.

To avoid duplicate transactions, there is a five-minute wait time before a customer can top-up the same prepaid mobile number again. Additionally, customers can top up the same account up to three times in one day and five times in three days. Currently, customers can top up a maximum of $175 in a day or up to $300 in three days.

Combo Plan Purchases
The BTC Chatbot will show all of the available combo plans, including special promotions. Best deals will also be featured with a star. The customer would select the combo plan of their choice and enter their preferred method of payment. A link to a receipt will automatically be sent once the transaction is completed.

Check my Balance
When a customer asks to check their balance, all of their available balances will show including data, voice, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook & YouTube data. The customer will also be provided with their BTC Lend history.

Download App
If requested, the BTC Chatbot will provide a link for the customer to download the MyBTC mobile app. MyBTC provides customers with the same functionality as the BTC Chatbot.

Visit Portal
This will take you to for more information on our devices, landline, internet, television and mobile plans.

Customers can submit details on the issues they are experiencing and a ticket will automatically be generated. A customer service representative will reach out to follow up with the customer. BTC has been trialing its BTC Chatbot with its team members for several weeks and is looking forward to expanding its capabilities in the coming months. Customers still have the option of calling our Contact Center toll free at 225-5282 and to speak with a live agent.