BTC improves mobile network capacity

Sameer Bhatti, BTC Chief Executive Officer

BTC has increased its mobile tower complement, adding two new sites on Gladstone Road and Venice Bay. The company is also conducting proactive mobile network maintenance in New Providence and Grand Bahama and will spend the entire year canvassing communities in the Family Islands, accessing the network and making improvements where necessary.

BTC CEO, Sameer Bhatti says, “We are listening to our customers and a key priority this year is to improve services and drive a culture of reliability and performance in the organization. Now more than ever before, customers are making purchases and deciding who they will do business with based on perceived reliability. I’ve had customers tell me: “I want my mobile data to be unnoticeable because it’s always working.” We will be investing more time in our networks to ensure that we are providing quality service for all our customers.

Our mobile network is critical to our customers’ daily lives, so we are taking the time to ensure that we are providing the best service possible.”

BTC has invested in new mobile towers on Gladstone Road and in the Venice Bay community to address capacity needs. Businesses, residents, and those commuting through these areas will experience improved voice and data service. The company is also conducting “drive-tests” to get an in-depth view the mobile network. Technicians are using mobile phone software to collect real time information about network performance while driving through areas. Typical voice and data calls are simulated and provide information reflective of the customers’ experience. BTC then analyzes that information to determine the quality-of- service level and next steps to make appropriate improvements or adjustments.

Sameer continued, “We are doing “drive-tests” in New Providence and Grand Bahama now, and already the team has identified and acted on areas requiring improvement. The Southwestern corridor in New Providence is big on our agenda for improvements and we’ve already made strides by erecting new cell- sites. We’ve completed the western end of Grand Bahama and Freeport. The team is now working on the eastern end of the island. In a few weeks, we will make some major announcements relative to improvements in our Family Islands.”

Customers experiencing any issues in particular areas can send a WhatsApp message to CALL-BTC (225-5282) or send us a message on the BTC social media channels.