BUT Partnership For Teachers Studies


The Bahamas Union of Teachers, the Bahamas Baptist Community College and the Charlotte Knowles-Thompson Agency have partnered to provide scholarships to teachers.

At an event held to sign a memorandum of understanding, founder of the Charlotte Knowles-Thompson Agency, Charlotte Knowles-Thompson outlined the benefits of the new initiative. “Free application, which is a savings of one hundred dollars per applicant, special grants and discounts, scholarships ranging from academic scholarship, athletic scholarship, music scholarship, band scholarship, housing scholarship and insurance scholarship just to name a few. This is just the beginning as our plan is to ensure there is a university for every member of the Bahamas Union of Teachers and their children.”

President of the Bahamas Baptist Community College, Dr. Juliette Reid, was also on hand at the event. She told reporters, “this means that they have opportunities to enter our college, our secondary school system, our primary school system and our early childhood educations school. The agreement encompasses discounts, tuition discounts, waivers in some instances and two halves scholarship that is 50% off the tuition.”