Celebrating Continued Growth At ZNS


There has been much progress made since the start of television broadcasting at ZNS. In a special interview with former Deputy General Manager for Television Administration, Charles Russell says ZNS remains the template for excellence in broadcasting.

Russell spoke of how far broadcasting has come since he arrived at ZNS. “All of the programs in television were on 16mm film and like your movies and foreign programs but ZNS recorded its local programming on 1/2 inch quad tape and pneumatic tapes 3/4 inch. And now today, 45 years after we are digitalized.”

Mr. Russell also gave his take on the production of local programming saying, “there are a lot of talented producers in our country and we must find a way to meet them halfway here at ZNS. I don’t know how its gonna be fixed but we must meet them halfway so they can showcase their work on local television in the country and ZNS being the national broadcaster should do that, meet them halfway.”