The Cabinet of The Bahamas convened in the nation’s second city on Tuesday as ministers of the Government traveled to Grand Bahama for their weekly meeting.

Prime Minister Davis led the delegation of ministers and spoke to reporters on the significance of the meeting. He said, “Grand Bahama needs to appreciate that this government has not forgotten them. And because we had planned a ceremony for the contract award for the new Grand Bahama hospital we thought it fitting to coincide our Cabinet meeting with that event which is significant and historical in our view.”

According to the Prime Minister the meeting was fruitful and topics pertaining to Grand Bahama were discussed. Davis said, “there are one or two things that are under very sensitive negotiations at the moment but I can assure Grand Bahamians that by my budget communication more will be revealed and its all looking bright.”

This is the fourth time that Cabinet has met on the island of Grand Bahama.