Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau participated in CARICOM discussions on the ongoing crisis in Haiti promising more resources to the country.

“I am announcing that Canada will also deploy Royal Canadian Navy vessels to conduct surveillance, gather intelligence and maintain a maritime presence off the Haitian coast in the coming weeks. Canada continues to reinforce the capacities of the Haitian police to overpower armed gangs and hold those who support them accountable.”

Mr. Trudeau also pledged more funding to Haiti and announced a sixth round of sanctions against individual Haitians.

Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis thanked Mr. Trudeau following his presentation. He said, “of course, the stabilization of Haiti’s institutions, infrastructure and communities is integral to the security of the Caribbean region and to its future. We in CARICOM, as you well know, have been working with the international community and yourself to ensure that the people of Haiti can realize their aspirations for peace and prosperity. The best way forward, as we have recognized, is through inclusive and transparent dialogue which will allow for a peaceful and lasting solution. We are inspired by your commitment to the region and we look forward to continuing the strengthening of that relationship both in trade and cooperation in resolving all the challenges that confront us as a people in the region.”