Prime Minister of Haiti, Ariel Henry traveled to The Bahamas to attend the CARICOM Heads of Government meeting. Haiti and its ongoing security crisis is a key topic being discussed at the conference.

Henry spoke about the state of affairs in Haiti saying, “since 2020 we have crisis. When have only a president elected and ten senators. In order for the senate to function we need thirty people. In the Haitian constitution there is a formula. The formula is the president, when he is not there, is replaced by the consent of ministers.”

The Prime Minister apologized that the Haitian people are losing hope and are taking to the sea in boats and that this is affecting that lives of Bahamians. He also said, “we had a meeting with the Prime Minister we explored the possibility of the help of the Caribbean people but specifically not only the CARICOM by specifically the help of The Bahamas in order to solve the security issue that we have.”