Bahamians officials were part of a delegation for a one day trip to Haiti.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Public Service, the Hon. Fred Mitchell spoke with ZNS News about the trip and its purpose. He said, “from The Bahamas side you have the Minister of National Security who’s Wayne Munroe and Keith Bell who’s the minister for immigration. Traveling with him would be representatives from the government of Trinidad, I think their High Commissioner out of Ottawa, plus two security people at the management level of their defense forces in Trinidad and they will be met over there by the Jamaican Prime Minister, the foreign minister of Jamaica and security people of the Jamaican Prime Minister’s team. The idea is a decision was made here in Nassau at the CARICOM meeting to have a high level CARICOM delegation join with the Canadians and the Americans to show support for the Haitian National Police.”

Mitchell went stating, “everybody’s going with their eyes wide open on this because we should not fool ourselves that we have the capacity to solve the political problems in Haiti. We cannot, this is an issue which has to be managed. We can nurture, we could support, we can assist, we can facilitate but we can’t be the solution. The Haitian people have to be the solution. Our prime minister has made that very clear.”