Prime Minister, the Hon Philip Davis is serving as Chairman of CARICOM which will take place this week in the capital. On the agenda to be discussed at the talks will be climate change and finance, crime, food security and the ongoing crisis in Haiti among other pressing topics.

Prime Minister Davis spoke with members of the media while on a trip to Eleuthera on the government’s plans too address the country’s food security issues. He said, “the first initiative will be what they call the egg project we hope to launch very soon. It is important, particularly recognizing what external shocks and forces could mean to a country like ours that’s consumptive that we now turn into looking to how we can feed ourselves. And so there’s a priority in our agenda to expand out agricultural initiatives. It appears that Bahamian people, in and of itself, is not yet attracted to getting in the business so were going to lead by example and try to move into that area and bring people along and hopefully be able to bring them along and then turn them loose.”

The opening ceremony for the CARICOM meeting is scheduled for February 15th and will end on February 17th.