Work has begun on the Carnival Cruise Port on the island of Grand Bahama.

Vice President of Operations, Juan Hernandez spoke with ZNS News updating on the progress of the project. “Right now at the site we’re making progress both on the marine side as well as the land side. On the land side, what we’re doing is we’re finishing up the reclaiming work and we actually have to elevate the site to about twelve to fifteen feet above sea level in order to protect it against storms. So the main work that’s being done right now is that reclamation and the filling of the land .”

Hernandez went further outlining next steps saying, “the next two steps are building the pier and then building the vertical construction. So in terms of the vertical construction, later this year towards the end of the year, we are going to be starting to build that foundation so then you’ll be able to see the buildings come up and then similarly on the marine side, we’re very close to awarding the pier, design and build. From there will be the pier design and later this year you’ll also start to see actual construction of their pier itself too.”