Attorney General, Sen. Hon. Ryan Pinder was questioned by members of the media about the ruling of the Privy Council on the status of children born in The Bahamas to unmarried fathers and foreign mothers.

Pinder said, “what measures are in place, one, to evaluate under article six and the biological father in the case of illegitimate children and secondly, the way forward with the remaining elements of discriminatory treatment. And primarily discriminatory treatment when a Bahamian woman marries a foreign man and has that child outside of the country. But there are a couple of others including matter with adopted children and the like that we’re looking at. So hopefully we’ll have some clear direction from Cabinet shortly.”

The Privy Council upheld a ruling by Chief Justice Sir Ian Winder in a case brought by Shannon Tyreck Rolle and 4 others. Rolle and the other respondents, who were born in the Bahamas to unmarried Bahamian fathers and foreign mothers, petitioned the court to be declared citizens of The Bahamas pursuant to article 6 of the constitution.