The Minister of Transport and Housing, the Hon. Jobeth Coleby-Davis traveled to the island of Grand Bahama where she addressed a town hall meeting.

The Minister spoke to ZNS News on the sidelines of the meeting outlining plans for the provision of affordable homes on Grand Bahama. She said that her ministry is looking into properties in the Heritage Subdivision for development. “Once we acquire that property we should be able to start home construction on the first eighteen lots. And then the next hundred lots we have to seek to acquire from the Port Authority and we got Cabinet approval to proceed with discussions on that acquisition and so we’re working towards acquiring that. That one doesn’t have infrastructure so that always slows building or construction of the homes down,” Coleby-Davis said.

The Minister went further stating, “when we did the housing fair last year we noted that a lot of the young professionals were asking about the Heritage Subdivision. A lot of them said that is where they are more interested in us doing a development. And so because of that we went after the acquisition and that took a while but I think we’re almost there now. And so I’m happy that we’re now seeing the green light and the movement but I would have loved it to be a lot faster than it has been.”

Coleby-Davis also referred interested persons to the Ministry’s website at