The Coalition of Independents (COI) held a rally in the Jones Town area of West Grand Bahama over the weekend.

The COI leader and candidate for the upcoming by-election, Lincoln Bain shared his plans for the constituency at the event.  “You’ve been hearing me say for years, not because of this election, that this Grand Bahama is the key to the new Bahamas.  I believe that Grand Bahama can be a $500 million dollar economy just like Singapore.  Singapore is a $500 million dollar economy but they have no natural resources.  They have leaders who believe in the people, who wake up everyday seeing how they can make their people wealthy.  So one in every six persons in Singapore has a million dollars in the bank, not net worth, a million dollars in the bank.  And the other five households that’s the people who come and work for them.  Because they have a vision.  We believe that this economy can be greater,” Bain said.

Bain added, “some of our kids during this lock down were just learning to write and then you pulled them out of school.  They were just learning phonics and math so we gat to do something in West Grand Bahama and Bimini to do something about that. We’re gonna have community centers, paid for by government, paid for by your MP, with your money. And computers are going to be in there, printers, supplies that they need so they can do their homework.  A lot of kids don’t have internet.  A lot of kids don’t have electricity.  How will the ever catch up?  We’re gonna have teachers that assist us with giving these kids the education that they need after school from 3 to 6, while their parents still at work they’re in a positive place getting their work done.”

The West Grand Bahama and Bimini by-election is planned for November 22nd.