The Minister of Labour and the Public Service, the Hon. Pia Glover-Rolle is responding to comments made by former Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham on her presentation at the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) convention last week.  Glover-Rolle said the Free National Movement (FNM) did nothing for the public service.

Ingraham said over the weekend, “there is no need to lie in this business.  When she goes to work everyday as minister, she goes to the place the FNM put there.”

Glover-Rolle responded by saying, “unless there is a differentiation between a Minnis and and Ingraham administration, in terms of the FNM, then I can understand his point.”

Minister Glover-Rolle added that the former Prime Minister is “a statesman and a former politician at the highest level.”  She said that she is humbled that Ingraham would listened her presentation.

The Minister also stated some of the accomplishments of the current administration.  “he noted some things that were done.  A building that we’re about to move out of because we’ve definitely outgrown that space, minimum wage that the PLP has improved on even in our term right now, increments that went away in the last FNM administration and that we were able to bring back during this Davis administration.  So I’m doing the work, this administration is doing the work.  We’re looking at the files, the backlog is decades old.”

Glover-Rolle also pointed out that the last service wide promotions were carried out under the former Minister responsible for the public service Shane Gibson.  And that Davis administration has an unparalleled record of addressing issues in the public service.