Concern Over Guns And Murder


The Minister of National Security is voicing concern over the number of firearms in the country lamenting that there are too many guns and that there are too many people cloaking persons with guns.

The Minister’s comments come after police has reported several homicide incidents. He said, “you speak of a double murder and a murder but in the same period I have received briefings about shootings that have not been fatal. So although people focus on the murders there are other crimes happening that indicate that there is a continued problem with too many firearms in the country.”

Munroe says that appeals to the public for information go unheeded. “Quite often we hear the cries when somebody is killed and quite often we see these are people who themselves have on bracelets, who themselves have been to court. Well when you have this cycle it can come around to you,” he said.

The national security minister appealed to the public again saying, “this is everyone’s responsibility. We are giving the police the ability to be present on the street. We need the participation of the public in directing them where they know something.”