Rise In Sexual Assaults Addressed


Bahamas Crisis Center Administrator Cleopatra Christie is speaking out on the rise in sexual assaults in the country. In recent weeks police have reported the sexual assaults of two elderly women attacked in their homes.

Speaking on the impact of such attacks on older women Christie said, “this type of behavior, this type of sexual attack affects these older women so badly that it could lead to other illnesses and even in some cases death. So it is very serious, we must take it seriously, we must do all that we can to protect these older women, these pearls in our society.”

Christie also spoke about the recent sexual assault of a 17 year old girl who accepted a ride from her attacker. She said, “in the case of the 17 year old who was catching the ride and it was raining well why not. Maybe she’s trying to reach shelter, she wants to get out of the rain and not even thinking that somebody who stopped to help her at the time when it was raining would be behaving that way towards her. So it is unfortunately that we don’t look at these things, we look to blame the victim.”