The Bahamas Telecommunications Company Ltd. [BTC] is the victim of theft on the island of Grand Bahama. Copper has been stolen from the poles which is causing a disruption in service for BTC customers.

BTC Outside Plant Manager, Anishka Maycock spoke with ZNS News saying, “persons coming through the easements and the right aways and removing a substantial amount of copper interrupting our services to our mobile and fixed line customers, data as well, and its an ongoing matter that we’re trying to work along with the police to resolve but right now we know it frustrating our customers.”

Maycock assured that BTC is working to restore services. “We want to let them know what hey at the end of the day we’re not the cause of all of this and during the time frame we have person that are unjustly moving the copper from the plant and reselling it or doing whatever need to be taken to whatever level to export it out the country.”

Police say the matters are under investigation and anyone caught buying the stolen copper wire will be charged accordingly.